About Tayler Mercier

Tayler Mercier is a professional swimsuit model, influencer, Playboy model and entrepreneur who has been internationally published on numerous prominent magazine covers including Playboy and FHM.

With over 250,000 followers on Instagram, Tayler has built a strong online audience consisting of people who like the beauty and lifestyle content that she shares on a regular basis. Tayler is a beautiful, vibrant and seductive public figure and personality who believes in hard work, having integrity and following one’s passion. 

As a leader in the modeling industry, Tayler also owns and oversees Mercier Media, a new influencer marketing and model lifestyle agency that brings together major brands and model influencers to develop innovative brand partnerships, advertising campaigns, sponsored events, red carpet events, and much more. To learn more about her new digital marketing company, visit www.MercierMedia.co


Tayler is also involved in other ventures– she is a licensed real estate agent and recently completed her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Texas. She is currently preparing to take the LSAT in early 2022 with the ultimate goal of becoming an attorney in the state of Texas. Tayler is an avid traveler, animal lover and loves all things fitness and wellness. To learn more about Tayler, follow her on Instagram @taylerelaine_  and Twitter @MercierTayler for daily updates.